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tv   [untitled]    January 30, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm PST

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female equality we need workplace policies that reinforce women in san francisco we've made great progress half of the city's workforce are women and they equal the men outstanding women in our major city departments like our fire chief and public directing director we must do better in areas like information technology public safety and skilled crafts great jobs with great salaries but which are not followed as women's careers well this year my administration will identify and eliminate boyer's for women in city jobs with good salaries a public sector must
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lead the way (clapping) and today, i call upon our city's private companies to do the same especially our technology sector where gender parity and diversity are lacking prouvend san francisco pleads the nation on family friendly policies with guaranteed paid leave and health insurance and retirement benefits to working parents in 2014 i signed president chiu legislation to request family friendly work arrangements women shouldn't have to choose between a great career and family (clapping) and when they go home no woman should live in fear of violence as a mayor i've been standing
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against domestic violence and human tragically wherever it occurs no more not a mass (clapping) our district attorney george gascon has done a great job so thank you george gascon and whether at work or hope we can do more to maintain our leadership on policies for women so this year with mayor shaft we convene a bay area women empowerment to propose legislation as well as public and private nichsz to improve economic initiative in our city and regional as a perfect example i know that supervisor president tang is leading a conversation of stem education for youngest girls in san
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francisco i look forward to supporting her effort and hope you'll join me in the summit my fifth and final derivative for this year is the work i've been working on any entire adult life breaking the crippling corner that traps two many of our people in poverty let me be the first to say despite helping thousands of people in the support of housing and services those past 4 years it's shameful how many people still sleep on the interstates streets we have to do more and better and just this week we announced we're opening the housing authority wait list to provide housing for numbers of families last year, we finally passed the lourz lawn thank you supervisor farrell for
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your wonderful leadership on this (clapping.) now this year in addition to implementing laura's law for the mental illness we drug i bring a step up with 5 hundred new affordable housing unit and focus on medication for those on the streets we've on up a navigation center to better move people off the streets into housing and services and answering the challenge from president obama i wanted san francisco to be the first city in california to end chronic homelessness for veterans (clapping) and working with supervisor campos and supervisor scott wiener we will fully fund a
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special shelter for the lgbt homelessness pops (clapping) and but friends you knowe. poverty in our city doesn't mean spending for money we make record investment and in our safety net that won't change it's not progress to keep people trapped in public housing and trapped in joblessness and trapped in despair we know the outcome we saw a terrific example of this tragic murder of 4 young men no, my friends a real commitment to ending poverty men's trurps the transfer from parent to child child and generation to generation it means better outcomes of pathways for people
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to a better life for themselves and their family the cold banks and bodies i'm talking about we must make nicole's story the normal not the expectation we know who the most vulnerable families and individual are we know them we all right. work with them or provide them services one way or another to this year we'll launch project 5 hundred and layers focus on intensive serviced and case management across city departments and nonprofit provider for at least 5 hundred of our at risk families giving them meaningful pathways at the interrupting it's intergenerational transfer my fellow san franciscans there's no more imperfect for our city
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to invest in today's prosperity to break the poverties for san franciscans this is what calls me to public service as mayor and in this time of plenty this must also call our partners in the private sector to do it government can't do it alone in the past 2 years we've seen great examples of busy leaders step forward and give back to the city in time and health care and money and education and housing and homelessness people like mark and benny hoff and from tipping point the fischer family and charles schwab and the green folks mayor ed lee mayor ed lee and so many others and great companies like google and wells fargo and the
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gap and bernard and kaiser permanente and so many more those people and companies demonstrate the meaning of shared prosperity they understand their responsibility to make san francisco remain the city where everyone belongs so to them i say thank you i set the example (clapping) you set the example for others to folly know they will i think this is only just the beginning of a new eagerly of civic mind companies and philanthropic those affordability diffuses derivatives bayshore will be on shared prosperity your governments work pad and i
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expect to be held accountable my fellow san franciscans now more than that every we must work to insure that everyone shares in the city's prosperity that this city is where everyone belongs the change we see exciting to many and scary to some is good silvers we manage it successful and generosity and hope from our eater days those values have denied san francisco they attracted many of us in the first place including me they make san francisco a place where everything is possibly no matter who you are a place where a
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little girl growing up in plaza east named london breed can be the president of the board of supervisors (clapping.) a place where tenacity and personalities can propel an activist named julie christensen that fought from outside city hall can fight for the district within and getting the resources to get it done (clapping) this is the place where a 20 something law student named ed lee can protest and march and cause a ruckus for immigrant and one day become mayor (clapping)
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ladies and gentlemen this is nicole banks san francisco a place where everyone belongs in this matter your race of income or sex and status more than most places we try to live like micro anglo we can see ourselves in each other and recognize that human beings are more alike than unlike we're one city we're all lives matter and beacon to the world too often torn apart by differences whether on the streets of ferguson or a newsroom in paris my fellow san franciscans the state of the city is strong and
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the changes we're experiencing can make us stronger with our strong economic foundation we have a special opportunity to change the city for the better and so see that san francisco is an affordable for families and make sure that every san franciscan shares in our city's rising prosperity this is any myths this is any passion and this is our san francisco thank you very muchyou.
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>> what do you think about working at an airport and i love it is busy all the time. >> we want it to be an those away was this is a venture if i
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didn't love it i'll be an accountant. >> we want the experience that is a non-airport experience the negative stigma we're trying to erase that. >> everything is in a bad food to excite them about the food and they have time to learn about us. >> people are imitated by traveling and the last thing to do is come to a place fill of chaos. >> telling me how the extent of napa a farms came about. >> it was a vision of the airport director he had a suspicion of a really cool gourmet speciality market locally friendly products this market local flavors this is the
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best. >> can we get a little tour. >> absolutely (laughter) ♪ ♪ >> so first on our tour. >> we have the clock we like to call it. >> this is coordinating it is made in san francisco. >> what about the customer presence. >> we like to get the permanent farther i love the cappuccino and you have to go to multiple places for the cupcakes the cup a cakes from kari's people want to live here they're longing phone call for one thing in one spot in you know anything about san francisco the cheese the most popular cheesy think a lot of the people from the west coast say so this the real san
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francisco sour dough and they're curious. >> you find people respond to the idea of organic and absolutely. >> this is autumn. >> thank you, thank you and there's a lot of personal touch. >> i see san francisco. >> it's very hands on. >> what's the most popular items. >> this is quite surprising our fresh jotting this is the chronicle special a bowl of warm oats and coconut that's mites farther. >> and speaking of drinks tell me again the cocktail scenes is that one, the things your known for . >> the cocktails are fantastic. >> really. >> fresh ingredients we don't have a mixture it to order this
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is our marcus bloody mayor. >> farmer's market bloody mary the bloody marys in the airport are great shikz it up. and then we're going to garnish it with olives. and some lime and a fresh stalk of selly. right on. >> we like okay, i know, it's been a long morning. we've all been up since
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3:00. we decided earlier upstairs that this is a blessing and we should take it as such, for those of you dear people that took three 3 hours to get here ks , i know the goddesses of gods knows you are here. i'm the executive director and ceo of the california historical society. on behalf of everyone involved in this monumental effort i want to thank you very much for joining us. i'm joined by our executive vice-president, my incredible staff and team of volunteer members. it's my distinct honor to welcome you to the panama pacific centennial epa 100. [ applause ] . we at chs are deeply
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honored to help lead this historical pivotal moment in san francisco and the state's past so together we can learn and inspire to create a more vibrant and equitable future. my gratitude to mr. mayor ed lee and ms. huggins, and stewards of this powerful place of fine arts and from at & t, our exhibition sponsor the hertz corporation, fred is here.
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centennial sponsors, wells fargo, ecology, town school and so many people have sponsored this organization. the may beck foundation, richard pet ler is here right over there in that lovely blue shirt and truly a genius and you will hear from dan shine, the ceo and curator of innovation and an additional sponsor is scott of sterling bank. there he is, thank you, sir. i also want to extend a very special welcome to the job
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corps, two incredible women of esteemed presses kristin shine and mary and all of you who braved the elements in joining us. we are bring together p pa this went live a couple minutes ago look on your phones, as long as they are at & t phones. we are bringing businesses that will participate in the ppa 100 to participate in huge varieties of exhibitions, thrilling events, lectures, dances, the list goes on. these partners include the exploratorium, the san francisco public library the mechanics institute, the san francisco
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dance -- festival and so many more and together we are joined to telling the many stories of the world fair a moment in history where san francisco stepped back and onto the world stage. think back with me about 100 years ago and close your eyes if you are tired, it's helpful. to an extraordinary set of exhibitions that filled this place, the master piece, the palace of fine arts. the fair covered 635 acres and the walls city a top basically we reclaimed bay land. think of domed palaces, palmed lined courts and monumental statutory. all of this arose miracle that over a
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decade occurred after the earthquake and fire. just in a few years these entire acres were transformed and were the remarkable displays of innovation and being called electricity. the agriculture and despite the onset of world war i, 21 foreign nations built pavilions and joined the many millions of americans. if you were one of the people that came in december 20, 1915, you might gaze at the wonder of the tools of the light shows brought to this thing called electricity. you would have seen the model of the panama daniel -- canal and
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what san francisco fought to get from congress to celebrate the completion of the canal. you could have seen demonstrations of pageantries and what it will bring to america and the world. it's now my honor to present the man as mayor ross and my mind that em bodies the dell against -- intelligence in the city like few ever has mayor ed lee.
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[ applause ] mayor edwin m. lee: thank you very much for the introduction and thank you and the california historical society for your long work here. good morning, everyone. i'm going to try to mask my level of enthusiasm for this with hopefully some facts and acknowledgements. let me say that you know in my culture as many of you know when it rains, it's all about prosperity for everyone. i want to make sure everybody knows when i said that the world series would end the drought, i meant it. i want to repeat that again and again. but i want to say thank you, hello, everybody and welcome to this important milestone in our city's history. and i'm enthusiastic about this panama pacific
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international exposition we are celebrating today. i'm enthusiastic about literally everybody i see in this audience whether it's with the arts organization, or education institutions, our writers and people that have talked about this city for so many years, you have to understand how important this is. i'm a student myself and i know that this city that i have the most kind of privilege for managing as a mayor is delicate as a city and one in history, and to be able to kind of take a look 100 years ago and try to imagine yourself in this city 100 years ago with some of these artifacts that just came off the manufacturing line at the
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time, or to take a look at this architecture that bernard may back was so famous for during the time they were blending the arts with real lives of people and to suggest that this is among us 100 years later and that there is something that links this history over 100 years and that word that time and time again you hear me say about today. innovation did not start 3 years ago with mayor lee. that's another fact i want to kind of dispel. innovation was over 100 years ago and it started with so many people in san francisco suggesting through this fair that they started that we could celebrate going forward our imagination of what was then,
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now and tomorrow. that's the t and t of this team that we have to celebrate. i'm excited for it because there is an opportunity with all the sponsors that we have and with the enthusiasm with charlotte and donna and others bring to this. the imagination that innovation hangar brings, the historic evolution of at & t that we get to lead is all a part of this historic is documenting and one thing i think our youth need to understand where we as people come from in san francisco and what history allows us to be that innovation wasn't just something that an app discovered. it was the spirit
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of people that have been here for generations. and over 100 years ago if i get to teach the young tech kids what history was then hopefully we appreciate what innovation was across many industries across to board about the spirit of people and what we do for each other to bring in a strong community. you are going to find this out if you read this book that i have just been handed that's going to be part of this celebration, the jewel, a city that it is called. i take you back to this very building that we are in. the good symbol of what bernard may back designed this full arts and suggest to you that this began that movement 100 years ago and now the help of some


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